Zelenka/Obrovská – Album pro Kytaru – Pro Maminku

About the piece

A lovely slow piece by Milan Zelenka (*1939) and his wife Jana Obrovská (1930-1987). Great piece for beginners and more advanced players. The slowness of it makes it very delicate to get the phrasing right.

Mic: Blue Yeti
Camera: Canon 1200D
Guitar: Miguel Lopez mod 013f
Strings: Savarez 510 AJ

About the composer

Zelenka was born in Czechoslovakia and studied guitar at the Prague Conservatory with Štěpána Urbana. While a student, he took first place in music competitions in Moscow in 1957 and again in Vienna in 1959. After graduation, he conducted a career as a concert guitarist, appearing internationally. He also gives master classes. He is best known for arrangements of traditional Czech songs, but also commissions new works for performance. In recent years he has composed original works.

From 1963 to 1981, Zelenka worked as professor at the Prague Conservatory. Notable students include Rudolf Dašek and Pavel Steidl.

Zalenka married Czech composer Jana Obrovská and the couple had a son, Vilém (born 1987). Vilém Zelenka graduated from Czech Technical University and often plays in a guitar duo with his father.

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