Ryuji Kunimatsu – Short Melodies – Melody of early spring

About the piece

Ryuji Kunimatsu ( 國松竜次 ) is a japanese composer from Kyoto. Please enjoy this beautiful melody of early spring ( 春先のメロディー ) !

Mic: Blue Yeti
Camera: Canon 1200D
Guitar: Miguel Lopez mod 013f
Strings: Savarez 510 AJ

About the composer

Ryuji Kunimatsu was born in Kyoto in Japan in 1977. He went to Spain and studied guitar and composition at the Luthier Art Music School. He won the first prize at the Barcelona International Guitar Competition in 2006 and the special prize at the Zarautz International Guitar Competition in 2005.

He returned Japan in 2007, on June of this year, he held his debut recital with an all improvisation program in Osaka, Tokyo, Kyoto, and received a favorable review. So far he was invited by various music festivals overseas, and has performed at the Spain, Austria, Switzerland,
Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.

His activities are playing guitar solo, with a variety of ensembles and orchestras. He composes his own music and plays them by himself.

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