Paul Gerrits – La Guitare Enchantée, pieces très faciles 1 – Valse in D

About the piece

A nice and simple waltz from Paul Gerrits book La guitare enchantée, pieces très faciles. Lovely little melody!

About the composer

Paul Gerrits, born in the Netherlands, studied violin, guitar and lute in Sweden and Germany. In 1967, he was invited by Laval University to set up a classical guitar study program. He was most likely the first permanent classical guitar teacher on the North American continent.

As a recording artist, he has performed and recorded extensively in Canada, the United States and Europe with the Trio de Guitares Laval. He is a founding member of the GFA and has hosted the festival four times in Canada.

To promote the music of the guitar ensemble, he founded Les Éditions Doberman-YPPAN in 1977. During Mr Gerrits’ lifetime, more than 650 sheet music and CDs were published, including 350 songs for ensemble guitar and guitar only. He has commissioned numerous pieces for the GFA competition for several years, with music by Bogdanovic, Koshkin, Domeniconi, Dyens and Sergio Assad.

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