Jaime M. Zenamon – Epigramme – 8. Balansa (Swing)

About the piece

Great piece from Epigramme by Jaime M. Zenamon. The difficulty in this one is the tempochanges in the right hand.

About the composer

Jaime Mirtenbaum Zenamon was born in Bolivia, the son of European parents. He studied guitar and composition in Israel, Spain, Portugal and in various South American countries, where he was among other things student of Abel Carlevaro.

Extended concert tours took him to South America, Europe, the Near East and to the United States.

He also composed a number of works for guitar and for other instruments and combina-tions, chamber ensembles and for orchestra. Evidence of his double existence is mirrored in his compositions. In particular, his works bear the trace of his experience with the unconventional rhythms and harmonies in contemporary guitar music. His works are influenced as well by the tradition of South American folk music. This unusual combination lends his work a special and unmistakable effect.

He was a teacher at the Berlin Academy of Music (HdK) from 1980 to 1992. Since then he has been a free-lance composer and concert guitarist in his own recording, composition and concert studio in Curitiba, Brazil.

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