Florian Lambert – Danse des Iles (Dance of the Islands)

About the piece

Danse des iles is an slow but upbeat piece by Canadian composer Florian Lambert! It’s a great one for every beginner!

Mic: Blue Yeti
Camera: Canon 1200D
Guitar: Miguel Lopez mod 013f
Strings: Savarez 510 AJ

About the composer

Florian Lambert ( September 27 , 1942 in Issoudun , Quebec ) is a Quebec songwriter and singer-songwriter . He is also a musician, poet and storyteller.

In 1950 , his parents moved to Chaudière-Bassin ( Saint-Romuald ), the country of origin of his ancestors. As a teenager, he knew the successes of the prize list by heart. It was in 1960 that he began his musical career. During the 1960s, he already earned his first money singing with a small dance orchestra. In the mid-1970s, he began his career as a songwriter. Thus began a long artistic journey: studies at the School of Music of Laval University , teaching classical guitar, creation and arrangement of songs and musical pieces, educational activities in the school environment, conferences, musical direction and shows across Canada, New England , France , Switzerland , Spain and Martinique .

Since 1990 , he has lectured on the history of song. In the fall of 1998 , on Télécom 9 community television (now Canal Vox ) in Quebec City, he hosted “Y’a d’la chanson dans l’air”, a series of ten television programs devoted to young song.

In 2000 , he started, with the collaboration of “Rue Principale de Saint-Romuald”, a song box, which has today become a very popular performance hall on the south shore of Quebec. It is the old post office of Saint-Romuald. Along the way, he made seven albums, including three of his songs. His last album, Celebrate Life, was released in 2003 .

Since 2004 , he has abandoned the “all-public” show. He got involved in his community, formed a citizens’ committee in his neighborhood, in order to endow Chaudière-Bassin with a park and created a non-profit organization, under the name of Les Compagnons de la Ferme Lemelin . However, he remains artistically active, leading groups of elderly people, workshops in schools and performing at conferences and congresses.

In 2006 , his passion for history led him to produce an audiovisual document (in DVD format), telling the story of Chaudière-Bassin; Following this production, he presented conferences for various cultural groups in the Lévis region .

In 2007 , he participated in the animation of the Quebec National Holiday in the yard of St. Joseph Elementary School Old Lauzon in the 360 th anniversary of the arrival of Guillaume Couture .

In 2008 , he hosted and participated in the Fête nationale du Québec at Fort Number-one ( Forts-de-Lévis ) in Lévis. It was the first time in the history of the old fort that the Fête du Québec was celebrated here.

In 2010 , he returned to the stage onSeptember 25to celebrate 50 years of musical career at l’Anglicane de Lévis. He was accompanied by six musicians, including Jeannot Turcotte pianist, Anne Bilodeau and Lucie Allard violinists, Cécilia Mallette cellist, Raymond Couture double bass player and his two children Roseline and Alexandre, vocals and songs.

In 2011 , he presented a song entitled “Faces of Lévis” as part of celebrations of the 150 th of Lévis and the 375 th anniversary of the founding of the Lordship of Lauzon .

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