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Bart Bosmans

Classical & fingerstyle guitar

Bart Bosmans is a classical & fingerstyle guitarist from Belgium. He’s been playing a string instrument for 25 years. He started with steel string in his teens. Later he was active as a bass player in various projects. Currently he’s focussing on classical and fingerstyle guitar pieces and composing his own music.

Guitar studies

My classical guitar studies cover pieces from every era. I try to focus on pieces by more unknown composers but also have a nice selection of the pieces everybody knows and loves.

A selection of fingerstyle arrangements arranged by me and others. I focus mainly on classic rock and popular music from the 60s to the 80s. Other arrangers will be linked and tabs are available where possible.

Original work

Estúdios Nostágicos are all original compositions written by Bart Bosmans. They are meant as a moment of piece and reflexion in an increasingly hectic and up tempo world.

Licks without picks is a series of short guitar pieces I’ve written. They are great for beginning guitar players to start learning basic picking patterns and chords changes.


5 slow classical guitar pieces

5 slow classical guitar pieces

Playing slow music is great exercise for any guitarist. Most guitarist would love to keep getting faster, but playing slow is great for perfecting your technique. Every note needs to sound right and ring true. Here are 5 slow classical guitar pieces that are a great exercise for any guitarist.

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5 obscure classical guitar pieces

5 classical guitar pieces by obscure composers

Most people who are interested in classical guitar know names like Matteo Carcassi, Fernando Carulli or Fransisco Tarrega fairly well. But there’s a gigantic body of work out there from composers who are not that well known and some of these pieces are absolutely gorgeous. Here’s five such pieces I happened upon in my guitar studies.

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